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Meet your new ally in laundry.

Persil® ProClean® is a powerful laundry detergent for those with the highest standards for cleanliness. Formulated with Pro10 Technology, it delivers 10 Dimensions of Clean to stand up to life's messy moments.

Persil’s 10 Dimensions of Clean

Now tackle all your laundry needs with just one detergent. Learn more about Persil's 10 Dimensions of Clean below.

  • Stain Fighting

    Persil® Pro10’s Stain Fighting enzymes break down stains to deliver an exceptionally premium clean.

  • Whitening

    Persil® Pro10’s patented performance boosters ensure your whites will always dazzle.

  • Brightening

    Packed with premium color-protecting ingredients. Persil® Pro10 keeps your colors looking bright.

  • Anti-Graying

    With Persil® Pro10’s Anti-Graying technology, your whites stay that way.

  • Clean Rinsing

    Clean Rinsing and low sudsing, Persil® Pro10’s formula is optimized for great performance in all machine types (including HE).

  • Long-Lasting Freshness

    Persil® Pro10 delivers a powerful freshness that lasts long after the laundry is done.

  • Odor Fighting

    Persil® Pro10 breaks down built-in odors to keep your clothes smelling great.

  • Cold Water Cleaning

    With its energy-efficient formula, Persil® Pro10 delivers optimum performance in cold water settings, for a premium clean.

  • Clean Fresh Scent

    Persil® Pro10 is loaded with a signature scent for powerful freshness.

  • Fiber Care

    Persil® Pro10 cares for your clothes while it cleans, right down to the fibers.

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