How to Choose the Correct Wash Cycle

Choosing the right washing machine cycle

When it comes to getting your clothes clean, choosing the right washing machine cycle is important. Here's an overview of some of the most important wash cycles. Consult your washing machine user manual for more detailed information on its cycles.

A prewash is a cycle where your laundry is soaked in detergent before the main washing cycle. This can be useful in helping get out tough stains and when cleaning laundry that's especially soiled. But it also uses extra water. So only use a prewash for very heavily soiled or stained laundry.

Main washing cycle
The main washing cycle is where your clothes are washed. On most washing machines, there are several settings (like water temperature and length of cycle) to customize the washing cycle for your load of laundry.

You should select the washing cycle and temperature depending on the type of fabric and the degree of soiling. Consult your washing machine manual and the care label instructions on your clothing for help selecting the right settings.

Spin cycle
The spin cycle is just as it sounds—it spins your laundry around in the washing machine at a high speed to rinse and pre-dry your clothing. In most washers, this cycle is automatically controlled by the different washing machine cycles.

However, for loads of very delicate garments, you should reduce the spin speed (less revolutions) or avoid it completely.