How to Dry Clothes

Properly drying your laundry

Drying your laundry correctly helps your clothes last longer and can save you on water and electricity costs. Follow our steps below for expertly drying your laundry after washing them.

Remove your laundry from the washer ASAP
After the wash cycle has ended, remove your garments from the washing machine as soon as possible and dry them. This prevents wet laundry from developing unpleasant odors. If left wet in the washing machine for too long, you may need to rewash them to remove the odors, which wastes water.

Immediately drying your laundry also avoids unnecessary wrinkling and makes it easier to iron, thus saving electricity.

Drying outdoors
If you are hang drying your laundry, hang it out as soon as possible after washing. Again, this helps prevent wet laundry from developing unpleasant odors from being left in the washing machine for too long.

If you smooth the laundry and pull it into shape when hanging it out, this will make ironing easier. Shirts and blouses can be hung out to dry on a coat hanger. If possible, dry wool and silk garments flat and not in the sun.

Drying in the clothes dryer
A clothes dryer saves time by not having to hang all the clothes out. Also, some laundry (like towels) comes out nice and soft.

However, some laundry (like delicate garments) should not be put in the dryer. Others need very specific dryer settings to avoid damaging them. Follow the recommendations on the garment label to determine if it can be dried in the drier and what heat setting to select.