Using the Right Amount of Detergent

The correct dosage depends on many factors

You can find out how much detergent to use on the bottle or package of Persil®.

How much detergent you need to use depends on:

  • The detergent being used (Original, 2 in 1, etc.): Different formulations of detergent require different amounts to be used.
  • The type of detergent (liquid, capsules, etc.): The measurement for liquid detergent is measured in fluid ounces while the measurement for capsules is the number of capsules to use.
  • The size of your load: In general, the more laundry you are washing at once, the more detergent you will need.
  • How dirty your clothes are: The more soiled the laundry, the more detergent that is recommended.
  • The wash cycle you select: If you have especially tough stains, you may need to pretreat them with a little detergent and then soak them in a prewash.

Again, for precise recommendations of the amount of detergent to use in your load, see the bottle or package of Persil detergent for recommendations.