Persil® Power-Liquid Odour Fighter

Fight your toughest stains and odors.

To get out those really tough odors

When you have especially tough odours, turn to the powerful Persil® ProClean® + Odor Fighter formula. Persil® ProClean® Odor Fighter laundry detergent goes deep into fabrics of laundry to help lift tough odours. Power-packed with Deep Clean and odour-eliminating technology, Persil® detergent gently cleans everyday laundry as it brightens, whitens and freshens your clothes, and goes deep to fight odours.


Available sizes:
1.18 L (20 loads)
2.21 L (37 loads)

Tip: Persil + Odor Fighter is our best odour-fighting detergent. Use it for all your tough odours.
  • Deep Clean formula goes deep into fabrics to help lift tough odours.

  • Helps brighten and whiten your laundry.

  • Works in all washer types, including high-efficiency (HE) washing machines.

  • Cleans effectively in all water temperatures (including cold).

Product Ingredients:

water, sodium c10-16 pareth-2 sulfate, alcohols, c12-18, ethoxylated, sodium c10-13 alkyl benzene, sulfonatesodium laureth sulfate, fattv acids, c8-18 and c18unsatd., sodiumsalts, propylene glycol, polyethyleneimine ethoxylate, sodium borate, tetrasodium edta, alcohol, alcohols, c12-16, ethoxylated, sodium formate, fragrance, disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate, alcohols, c14-15, ethoxylated, protease, benzene, mono-c10-14-alkyl derivatives, amylase, dimethicone, poloxamer 124, cellulase, liquitint, blue, mannanase, cellulase, benzisothiazolinone

How much to use

Regular loads: Fill detergent cap to 59ml (2.0 fl oz). Large and heavily soiled loads: Fill detergent cap to 73.5ml (2.5 fl oz). Tough stains: Pretreat by applying some detergent directly to stains and rubbing into fabric. Then use ¾ cap of detergent in wash.