Stain-Fighting Detergents

Our most powerful stain-fighting detergents

Powerful detergents for tough stains

When you have especially tough stains, turn to the powerful stain-fighting formula of Persil® ProClean®. With the power-packed combination of Persil® detergent and our Pro-Lift Technology, is the most powerful stain-fighting Persil® detergent available. Persil® ProClean® delivers 10 Dimensions of Clean for a premium clean every time!

Get our best stain-fighting detergent as a liquid or in a capsule.
  • Combines Persil® detergent plus our Pro-Lift Technology to make these our strongest stain fighters.

  • Tough on stains but also gentle on clothes.

  • Works in all washer types, including high-efficiency (HE) washing machines.

  • Cleans effectively in all water temperatures (including cold).

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