Persil® Stain Fighter | Discs™

Convenient Discs™ that fight tough stains

Our best stain-fighting Discs™

Persil® Discs™ Stain Fighter give you the cleaning power of our best stain-fighting laundry detergent in the convenient form of pre-measured discs™. Persil® ProClean® Discs™ have four chambers for powerful laundry cleaning. The Persil® Proclean® Stain Fighter formula lifts stains, delivers long-lasting freshness, cares for your fibers, and ultimately delivers a deep clean. Persil® Discs™ have been optimized for great performance in all machine types, including high-efficiency washers.


Simplify your laundry routine with easy-to-use Persil® Discs™ detergent for truly outstanding results. It's more than clean, it’s Persil® ProClean®!

Simplify your laundry routine

With Persil®Proclean® Stain Fighter Discs™, getting your laundry done has never been easier or more effective. These Discs™ contain our strongest stain-fighting detergent in easy-to-use, pre-measured Discs™, meaning you’re sure to get excellent results with every wash. The enzymes of this powerful formula go deep to target and lift stains, no matter the cause. Red wine spills and grass stains are no match for the power of Persil® Proclean®. Plus, because you won’t have to measure out how much detergent to use, there’s no potential for mess or spills. Persil® Proclean® Stain Fighter Discs™ are the simplest way to clean clothes.