For generations it has been our passion to develop innovations with top performance for your fabrics. We are committed to contributing to a cleaner world by providing premium products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment.


We are constantly looking for the best ingredients that improve the quality of clean, degradability, and are environmentally conscious. 


Today, Persil packaging is already fully recyclable when correctly disposed of and where facilities exist. We are also striving to increase the proportion of already recycled plastic in our packaging in the coming years.


Persil: Responsible innovations for you and the environment. For a cleaner world, step by step.


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Making our world cleaner

Calculate your Environmental Footprint

The first step to reducing your environmental footprint is understanding what impact you currently have. Check out our calculator here.

Sensitive Skin

Persil Sensitive was developed for people with sensitive skin so it's free of dyes and fragrances.

Persil Deep Clean Technology

It has been our passion to develop innovative products that provide a deep clean. Clean fabric contributes to a healthy environment for you and your family. Persil goes deep into fabrics to remove visible stains and even invisible dirt.


Henkel Responsibility

As a pioneer in sustainability, we continue to look for ways to grow our business in an increasingly sustainable way. We look at each part of our business from our ingredients to our packaging components to the way our products are delivered to customers.