With 100% Persil performance and 85% natural ingredients, it guarantees powerful stain removal power while being gentle on nature. It is also 100% microplastic-free and recyclable.

Try now the new Persil Green Power for a sustainable future.


An holistic contribution to sustainability

Persil Green Power support a cleaner world across its entire value chain:


  • It grants you the top cleaning performance you can expect from Persil
  • Its formula is made of 85% natural based ingredient
  • It comes in a 50% recycled PE bottle, fully recyclable
  • Its contribution to the environment is certified by Blue Angel and Ecolabel

Find the perfect match for your needs

Natural ingredients

Persil is constantly working on sustainable solutions. Discover its innovation – Persil Green Power – 100% cleaning performance, green like never before.

Sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin should take extra care of their laundry, expecially for those items that come in regular contact with the skin. Persil has developed ad hoc products to ensure its brilliant clean results also to the more sensitive consumers.

Persil Deep Clean Technology

It has been our passion to develop innovative products that provide a deep clean. Clean fabric contributes to a healthy environment for you and your family. Persil goes deep into fabrics to remove visible stains and even invisible dirt.