Our packaging developers are continuously working on packaging with the lowest possible use of materials and with materials for that comply with our recycling systems. Because we consider our products throughout their entire life cycle, we also consider the disposal or recycling of packaging materials. The aim is to achieve a closed-loop recycling system for plastics, as has long been established for paper, for example.


Today, Persil packaging is recyclable if disposed of correctly and where facilities exist. In addition, we want to increase the proportion of already recycled plastic in our packaging in the coming years and also use bio-plastic. You can find detailed information about Henkel's commitment here.


Persil Liquid

Our detergent bottles are made of unmixed plastic and are fully recyclable in communities where accepted. When the detergent is used, the empty bottles can be easily fed into the recycling process. While some of our products already contain recycled plastic, we are continously working to improve the sustainable footprint across the whole range.


Persil Discs

As the water-soluble cover of our caps must be protected from moisture in the air, Persil 4in1 Discs are offered in a packaging that combines plastic and stabilising cardboard. The packaging is recyclable. Once the discs have been used, the cardboard and the single-variety plastic in the box can be easily separated recycled.

Making our world cleaner

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The first step to reducing your environmental footprint is understanding what impact you currently have. Check out our calculator here.

Henkel Responsibility

As a pioneer in sustainability, we continue to look for ways to grow our business in an increasingly sustainable way. We look at each part of our business from our ingredients to our packaging components to the way our products are delivered to customers.