What are grass stains? 

Grass stains are essentially dye stains that come from the chlorophyll in grass. This makes them especially difficult to remove, and it’s also why fresh grass stains that haven’t yet dyed the fabric are much are easier to deal with than those that have set in. 

How to remove grass stains from clothes: Step-by-step

  1. Remove any excess grass or dirt
  2. Then, massage some Persil® stain-fighting laundry detergent directly onto the stain. The enzymes in the detergent will help lift the stain. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then rinse out with cold water. 
  3. Extra stubborn stains may need to be pre-treated with an oxygen-based bleach solution according to package instructions, letting it soak for at least an hour. This is safe for all colors and most fabrics, except for very delicate garments, wool, and silk. 
  4. Repeat the pre-treatment processes until the stain has faded significantly. 
  5. Then, wash according to the care label instructions
  6. Make sure the stain is completely gone before throwing the garment into the dryer. Drying it can set whatever is left of the stain. If the stain hasn’t gone, repeat the pre-treatment and washing process.

Some extra tips to help clean grass stains

  • To remove grass stains from shoes made of cloth material, follow the instructions above, using a toothbrush to scrub at the stain. If the shoes are machine washable (the care tag will indicate this), feel free to throw them in the wash after pre-treating them. Then, let them air dry. 
  • Very delicate items may need to be hand-washed. Remember to test the garment on an inconspicuous part before treating it. 
  • If your clothes cannot be washed, or if you’re unsure about how to tackle a stubborn grass stain, turn to professional cleaners.