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Enzymes are bio-based cleaning agents that act specifically on certain types of stains. There are different types of enzymes, each of which is specialized in the removal of certain stains and impurities (fat, starch, protein, etc). Each enzyme in Persil formulas acts as a catalyst and is activated more than once during the wash cycle to remove dirt particles, even at low temperatures.

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More on Persil enzymes

The main enzymes used in Persil formulas are proteases, amylases and cellulases:

Remove dirt based on proteins such as egg, blood and milk

Remove sugar and starch-based stains such as pasta, potatoes, rice and cereals

Smoothen the textile and provide color care, whiteness and anti-pilling

How do we use enzymes?

To adapt to changing laundry habits, Persil constantly develops new enzymes to effectively remove your stains. Additionally, our cold-active enzymes help removing stains in all water temperatures.

<h2>How do we use enzymes?<br />

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