Sensitive Skin

Are you or one of your loved ones prone to sensitive skin? Then Persil Sensitive detergent is  the right choice for your laundry!


Persil Sensitive detergent contains optical brighteners, making your colors shine bright.

Should allergy sufferers use less detergent than indicated on the product packaging?

No. Persil Sensitive should always be dosed according to package directions. 

Find the perfect match for your needs

  • Everyday Detergents range

    Persil Deep Clean Technology

    It has been our passion to develop innovative products that provide a deep clean. Clean fabric contributes to a healthy environment for you and your family. Persil goes deep into fabrics to remove visible stains and even invisible dirt.

  • Natural ingredients

    Natural ingredients

    Persil is constantly working on sustainable solutions. Discover its innovation – Persil Green Power – 100% cleaning performance, green like never before.