How to remove pollen stains: Step by step

Step 01: Shake off as much of the powdery pollen on your clothes as possible, taking care not to touch the stain itself. Note that blotting, wiping, or rinsing the pollen stain can cause it to set further into the fabric!

Step 02: Select an appropriate Persil® ProClean® liquid detergent, such as OXI Power or Stain Fighter, to pretreat the stain. To do this, simply apply a little detergent and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

Step 03: Wash the garment at the highest recommended temperature, as shown on your clothing’s care label.

Done! Now it’s time to check the results. If there is still a pollen stain on your clothes, simply repeat steps 01 and 02.

Pro tip: It’s a good idea to go outside when shaking off the pollen from your clothes. This way, you can avoid spreading the pollen around the house!

What you need to know about lily pollen stains

Shake off the pollen – or you could even vacuum it up – but never rinse it with water or wipe it with a cloth before pretreating the stain! This is because pollen stains are powdery, unlike most other types of stains, which tend to be liquid based. Rubbing or applying water will actually cause the stain to set, making it more difficult to remove the pollen stain from your clothes.

Note: In order to avoid getting pollen stains from lilies in your home in the first place, you can try removing the anthers as soon as the flowers have opened. The anthers are the small, bean-like objects which release the pollen. Carefully peel back the petals and use a pair of tweezers to remove the anthers.

Pretreating pollen stains on clothes

Once you’ve shaken off as much of the pollen as you can, it’s safe to pretreat the stain as you normally would for other types of stains. With their tough stain removing formulations, Persil® ProClean® liquid detergents are ideal for removing pollen stains. Simply pour a little of the detergent directly onto the stain, allow it to soak into the fabric for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse it from the backside with cold running water.

The washing process

First and foremost, take a look at the care symbols on the clothing label. These will not only tell you at what temperature to set your washing machine, but also additional care instructions, such as how to dry your garment. Follow these instructions for the best pollen stain removal results, while taking good care of the fabric.